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Games Linker is a new Website. Our website is one stop for all the gamers of the whole world. We have hired international Professional Article writers to write down non-biased reviews supported their experience with the hardware. This website that will help you build a computer and help you maintain your existing computer or help you build a new computer.

Our goal is to guide and help you to the best of your ability and we will help you to pick the best components (Graphics Cards, Motherboards, CPUs, Case Fans, PC Cases, CPU Coolers, Power Supplies, etc) for making your next extreme Gaming PC.

You can trust our website Games Linker. Our website (Games Linker) will provide you with absolute information about each part of the computer and will help you build a complete PC. For example, if you are having trouble assembling computer parts, we will provide you with the full and complete guidness in the coming days.

We will provide you with complete information on every part of the computer because we know that making of alots of computers is not an easy task.

How do we make money and how can you support us?

We don’t run or use any kind of ads on our Website (Games Linker). The only and only one way we make money is when you click on the retailer link in front of any our products and when you buy that product and then we get some commissions.

If you want to help us,you can help us by clicking on the retailer link provided by us. This will also help our website and also help for more expand our website.

Our Team

Muhammad Ibrahim

Muhammad Ibrahim is an expert page builder and professional article writer and also know about SEO. He personally tests the products before writing reviews on any topics.

Hassan Raza Khalid

Hassan Raza is an SEO (search engine optimizer) expert and professional page builder. He also know about all SEO tools like, keyword tools, backlink tools, website management tools and website tracking tools & also know how its works.

Sajjad Ishaq

Sajjad Ishaq is a writer from Pakistan and also an expert page builder. He loves writing about technology.